Talent concept

Keystone's employee relationship

The company and its employees are interdependent partners and a community of common destiny.
Employees are the most valuable capital of the company, the core driving force of the company's sustainable development and the key elements to win the market.
The company is a good teacher and friend for employees, and a platform for employees to continuously learn and develop and realize their self-worth.

Staff characteristics advocated by Keystone

The company pays attention to the morality, skills, performance and diligence of its employees
Good professional ethics and personal quality, full of sense of responsibility
Love our business and recognize our culture.
Strong learning ability, good resistance to pressure and perseverance.
Innovative consciousness, passion, initiative and continuous progress.
Service awareness, communication ability, team spirit.

Working environment advocated by Keystone

Share the company's development, not compete with employees.
Appoint people on merit, performance first, people fit their position, people fit their position.
Employees are willing to do, can do, the company allows employees to try wrong, democratic management style.
The company will retain people with treatment, more willing to retain people with career and feelings.

Career development of Keystone employees

Keystone introduces, retains, educates and makes good use of talents, so that talents can flow reasonably. Those who are able can go up, those who are average can go down, and those who are mediocre can go down.
We will promote employees in key positions to experience in multiple positions, cross functions and cross industries, constantly optimize the matching between talents and positions, talents and teams, and talents and organizations, improve the talent team and maintain organizational vitality from the perspective of talent structure and level.