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Next year's iPhone 5G new product will be groundbreaking: this year is not

The industry is expected to "cool down" the release of iPhone 11 next week, but foreign media Consumer Tech is very optimistic about the 2020 iPhone 5G new products, that it will be groundbreaking, no longer a stagnant upgrade of iPhone X / XS / XI The version will be modified and will have true 5G capabilities.

A Morgan Stanley research report believes that with the launch of the 5G iPhone in September 2020, this is an important iPhone cycle. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also expects that the huge changes in the iPhone in 2020 will drive growth to record highs.

The industry believes that most consumers have not seen the difference between iPhone X and iPhone XS. Although there is a lot of publicity from the next week about the iPhone 11, there are few consumers who can see the huge difference.

The author also believes that Samsung's design is growing faster, although he prefers the iPhone's operating system and software ecosystem, but the Galaxy S10 Plus is in a leading position in design. But all this will change with the emergence of the 2020 iPhone, and the two will return to the design competition.

According to Morgan Stanley researcher Katy Huberty, it is expected that next week Apple will launch three new iPhones, the upgraded version of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR series, which will undergo a gradual upgrade of key features such as camera modules and battery life. . In the two high-end models, the key upgrade is a rear three camera module (for larger zoom, larger field of view, higher resolution), while the iPhone XR's follow-up products will be equipped with a rear dual Camera module. Another expected upgrade is the two-sided wireless charging feature of the two top-end iPhone models, which allows the iPhone to charge other products, such as the AirPods wireless charging box. Other hardware-specific upgrades that Morgan Stanley expects include faster/more powerful A13 processors, introduction of multi-angle FaceID, and enhanced water resistance

In terms of price, Morgan Stanley is expected to be similar to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, starting at $999.