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Corporate staff is rich in functions - Japanese language training

Strengthen management awareness, build team spirit, enrich corporate culture, and enhance workplace ability. Our Japanese language training class is grandly opened in the third floor conference room.

The training class was highly valued by the company's leaders, and the company's departments and employees also gave strong support. Yongyue signed up to participate in the training class, the training class totaled more than 30 people, the company leaders also took time out of the busy schedule to participate in the training course, the degree of attention, for everyone in the back of training and learning to take the lead. Whether it is more diversified in work and life to enrich yourself and strengthen yourself.

During the course of the lecture, everyone listened attentively, took notes seriously, actively discussed, and spoke enthusiastically.

The lecturers of this training have rich experience in teaching. The theory is linked to the actual situation during the course explanation. The lectures are lively and interesting, and the classroom atmosphere is very active.

The participants unanimously reflected the good and hoped to hold more similar trainings to enhance the corporate culture and promote the development of the company.