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"Defending childhood, defending children's water world"

Nanjing Guanshi Technology Co., Ltd. and 3M Company held a large-scale 3M water purifier promotion campaign on the theme of “defending childhood, my children's water world” at Suning Tesco Plaza, No. 8 Shanxi Road.

3M净水器 南京冠石科技有限公司

The event invited 30 groups of family and children to draw on their paintings to create the "Children's Water World" in their hearts. The scene is full of children's unique childlike laughter. This colorful picture of 30 children's strokes expresses the children's and parents' firm determination and attitude towards "protecting childhood".

画 南京冠石科技有限公司

During the three-day event, we launched the QR code to pay attention to the official WeChat to send "Marshmallow" activities, which was favored by children and parents. During the period, we also inserted prize-winning quizzes and games. , send 3M air conditioning filter link. The painting family participation award was given by one 3M Scoot whirlwind mop, and the first painting was awarded a water purifier. This event attracted many consumers to stop and participate in it, and also pushed the whole scene to a climax.

获奖 南京冠石科技有限公司